The Israeli Polygraph Examiners
The Israeli Polygraph Examiners Association I.P.E.A

The Israeli Polygraph Examiners Association is a private, voluntary association of polygraph examiners in Israel, which promotes the profession, leads ethics, and sets strict professional standards. Membership in the Association is possible upon meeting proper professional requirements, including proper formal education and professional education in recognized polygraph schools, and the completion of proper internship. 

Members of the Association are required to perform tests according to the strict standards and ethics of the polygraph profession. 

The members of the Israeli Polygraph Examiners Association are examiners from  the private sector and also from the General Security Service, the IDF and the Israeli Police. Members from the GSS / IDF / Israeli Police do not represent their organizations and their membership is on a personal basis only. 

The Israeli Polygraph Examiners Association is the only national association in the world that has been recognized as a divisional member of the American Polygraph Examiners Association (APA), the largest and leading polygraph association in the world, which also sets the required professional standards. 

 The Association conducts regular activities to enrich the professional knowledge of the examiners, such as professional conferences attended by expert professional lecturers from the United States. The seminars  are recognized by the American Polygraph Association as required  annual seminars. 

The management of the association is available to the public in response to inquiries, complaints, and general information.